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UHV & XHV & UHP Instruments
OEM Contract Manufacturing

Peter Liska

Division Project Engineer

On a Way to becoming the Number 1 OEM & Contract Manufacturing organisation in Central Europe. 

RTC Engineering is an expert in manufacturing Ultra-High Vacuum, Extreme High Vacuum, and Ultra-High Purity mechatronic systems, components, assemblies, optical assemblies and tube systems. We cater to sectors with the most demanding requirements, including the semiconductor industry, research institutions, pharmaceuticals, medical and chemistry.

At RTC Engineering, we've made significant investments in state-of-the-art production facilities :

  • System & Process Management: An ERP system that offers 100% traceability through QR codes, bulletproof process.

  • Manufacturing: Equipped with CNC 5-axis machines and TIG orbital welding stations,...

  • Quality Equipment: Utilizing Hexagon Scanning Arms, Carl Zeiss CMMs, and Pfeiffer Helium Leak Testing,..

  • Surface Treatments: Electro and Electroless polishing, glass blasting,...

  • Facilities: Operating in clean room standard ISO 8 and ISO 4 (coming) standards.

  • People: Our team is our strength, and we place the highest focus on expertise, engagement, and continuous personal growth.

With our ongoing investments, strategic planning, and effective execution, we project that this division will employ over 300 people by 2024.

RTC Engineering is an expert in manufacturing Ultra-High Vacuum, Extreme High Vacuum, and Ultra-High Purity mechatronic systems, components, assemblies, optical assemblies and tube systems. 

  • Mechanical Ultra Precise Production & Frames Production

  • Engineering & Simulations & Research

  • Assembly - Electrical, Fluids, Mechanical, Optical (Clean Room ISO8 (ISO4)

  • Measuring & Testing

  • System Integration

Complex All-in-One


Mechatronics - Mechanical & Electrical

We offers comprehensive solutions across various applications. We take your initial concept and guide it through stages of design, creation, bulk manufacturing, system amalgamation, as well as assessment and evaluation. 


  • Engineering & Development, 

  • Precise Manufacturing 

  • Clean Room Assembly & Set-Up,

  • Testing, Commissioning 

  • Alignment 

Clean Room Assembly

Ultrasonic Cleaning, Mechanical, Optical, Electrical Assembly in ISO Class 8 (soon also ISO Class 4). Bake out, RGA analysis. 

Precise CNC Manufacturing

Manufacturing Ultra Precise Components with our machinery park of +15 Multi Axis CNC machines. 

Complex material approach. Stainless steel, Titan, Inconel, Aluminium, Plastics, Mumetal, Monel, Tungsten, Nickel, Molybdenum, TZM

Special Bonding

Certificated according EN 3834-2

Certified Welding IWE, IWT, NTD team 

  • TIG / Mig Manual

  • TIG Orbital 

  • LBW - Laser Beam Welding

  • EBW - Electron Beam Welding

  • Brazing & Vacuum Brazing


  • UHV & XHV Cleaning

  • Hot Air Drying 

  • Nitrogen feeling 

  • Assembly & Packing 

Surface Finishes

  • Anodising 

  • Glass Blasting 

  • Electro & Electro Less Polishing

  • Ultrasonic & Anodic Cleaning

  • Pickling & Passivation 

  • Painting & Powder Coating

Machine Frames

  • Engineering

  • Welding

  • Assembly 

  • Surfacte treatments

  • Complex Assemblies

Linear Positioners

  • Mechanical production

  • Assembly & Functional Testing

  • Alignment

  • Engineering

  • Integration 

Electrical Installation 

  • Electrical Cabinets

  • Automatin, Funcional elements

  • Electro Engineering & E-Plans

  • Certification & Funcional Testing

Fluid Systems

  • Cooling Systems

  • Heating Systems

  • Gasses distribution

  • Hydraulics

  • Pneumatics

Engineering & Simulations

  • System Engineering 

  • Engineering - Complex Mechanical, Electrical,System,Optical, Magnetic,

  • Simulations - Mechanical, Flow, Physics, Thermal, Electrical, Aging, Optical

Functional Testing

  • System integration

  • Stress testing & Certification 

  • Alignment

  • FAT & Documentation 

NDT Testing

  • VT-2, PT-2, UT-2

  • Helium Leak Testing 

  • Elevated Temperature HLT 

  • Pressure Testing 

  • Bake-out

  • RGA Analysis 

Dimensional Inspection

Call Zeiss CMM Measuring (3 Machines)

Hexagon Scanning Arm 

Profile Projector, Roughness Measuring

NDT Inspections 

SEM analysis, XRF material analyisis 

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