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Complex Partner for T&F, BiW, Paint Shop Technology

Denis Cintula

Division Project Engineer

RTC Engineering is a leading Slovak technology supplier located in Trnava, Slovakia. 

In a team of +110 people we offer complex solutions:

Engineering & Study

Automation & Robotics & Electrical Engineering

Precise Manufacturing & Welding

Testing & Certifications 

Integrations & Training & Maintenance

Expert Project Management

Based on our Expertise & Experience we would like to become Critical Technology supplier for Volvo Cars. We have extensive experience as TIER 1 technology supplier for different Automakers (JLR, Audi, Faurecia, Hella,...).

We offer:

Establishing Complex Team in Kosice (near to Volvo Plant) - Project managers, Integration Experts, Programmers, Assembly team

Engineering & Production Expertise From Trnava (HQ)

Volvo Proposal


We have Extensive experience from over 30 assistors from T&F from JLR Nitra + other car makers / automotive suppliers.

Engineering & Simulations & Manufacturing & Assembly & Testing & Integration & Training & Maintenance = Everything done Inhouse 

Single purpose machines

Capable of developing bespoke machine for any kind of applications. 

Complex assembly machines

Heating machines

Quality inspection machines

End of the line inspections

Elevators, HEMS, Skillet Lines Applications

Jigs & Fixtures 

Developing and integrating different kinds of automatic , semiautomatic, manual, pneumatic, electric,... jigs for different applications:

Welding & Bonding


Quality inspection



We have Extensive experience related to complex robotic work stations, robotic cells for different kinds of applications and with different robots brands = ABB, Kuka, FANUC,UR,..



Body in White

Paint Shop




Designing & Simulations & Manufacturing special logistic equipment for multiple car makers and their suppliers = JLR, PUREM, Faurecia, BMW, Audi,... 

We have separate facility (2000m2) for complex production of different logistic solutions from Prototype to +1000 pcs Serial Production


RTC Engineering developed entire Training Centre of Jaguar Land Rover plant in Nitra in 2018. Complex simulations critical of processes at BiW, Paint, T&F. 

Special training Tables, Jigs, Simulating Equipment,... 

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